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Director of Chinese Painting Association

Member of Chinese Art Association

Member of Chinese Hard-pen Calligraphy Association

Member of Shenyang Calligraphers Association

Member of Shenyang Artists Association

Vice president of Sheng Jing Painting Institute

Vice president of Liaoning Cultural and Arts Exchange Association

Vice president of Liaoning Bu Lao Song Painting Institute

Executive director of Chinese Contemporary Artists Association

Wang Shun, also known as Xiaoshi, contemporary Chinese calligrapher and brush painting artist.

Wang was born in 1950 in Liaoning, China. He has enjoyed drawing since his childhood, and trying to find the essence of Chinese calligraphy and brush painting for decades. In his early youth, Wang was sent to the countryside to engage in agricultural production like other 16 million participants in the "Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside Movement" policy. In 1971, Wang returned to Shenyang and became a policeman. In the same year, he started learning calligraphy and brush painting on his own. For decades, he has been spending most of his spare time practicing and studying different features and motifs from famous masters’ works.

In 2002, Wang retried from the police, focused on his artistic career and  become a professional calligrapher and brush painter. He traveled to many famous mountains and rivers around China and sketched a lot from nature, finally he formed his own unique personal style and created many landscape paintings combining both deep tradition and the flavor of new times. Based on his skillful ink-brush techniques and deep intentions, his artworks expressed his careful observations of life and the nature. Each of his artworks fully displayed his strong artistic foundation and presentation techniques. Especially in dry-ink landscape painting (also called Jiaomo Shanshui), Wang shows his talent to the world. People have commented on the vitality of his work.

His work has been shown in many national art exhibitions and is valued by collectors from all over world.

Selected Awards

-“Pine Mountain & Spring” was rewarded Silver Medal in Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition which was organized by district of Dadong committee.
-“Entry to Village” was honored the Honorable Award in the Exhibition of Liaoning Artists Association.


-“The View of Pine Mountain” was rewarded Gold Medal in Liaoning Senior Art Exhibition. 


-“The Gorgeous Summer Day” was honored the Honorable Award in the Art Exhibition which held by Shenyang Daily and published in the newspaper.


-Was regarded as “National Model of Philanthropy” by Chinese Moral Model Committee.
-“Water Town” was honored the Honorable Award in the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Arts Exhibition of the 60th Anniversary of Founding of the People’s Republic of China.

-Artwork “My Paradise” won the Outstanding Performance Award in Painting Exhibition organized by Chinese Contemporary Artists Association.

-Attended charity auction and two artworks sold for a high price. All money have been donated.

-Was employed as a contracted painter by Shenyang Daily Newspaper.
-Artwork “Magnificent Mt.Xishan”won the first prize in Police Cup Art Exhibition.

Selected Solo/Group Exhibitions

-Solo Exhibition in Liaoning Dong Fang Painting Istitute. 30 pieces artworks were Displayed.
-3 paintings including "The Autumn Song of Bingyu Valley" were selected into Liaoning Arts Exhibition and Northeast China Itinerant Exhibition.

-Artwork "Revival" was selected into Liaoning Arts Exhibition.


-Solo Exhibition in Seika University of Japan.


-Solo Exhibition in Liaoning Dong Fang Painting Is
titute. 50 pieces artworks were Displayed.

-Artwork "First Snow at Mt.Changbai" was selected into Xin Zhong Friendship Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.


-Artwork "The Sound of Mountain Spring" was selected into Shenyang Daily Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.


-Artwork "Rong Gu He Shou" and "Song Shan Qi Guan" were selected into Shenyang Daily Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.

-Solo Exhibition "The Impression of Jiangnan" in Tokyo, Japan. 30 pieces artworks were Displayed.

-Artwork "The Sound of Mountain Spring" was selected into The 24th Sesshu International Art Society Exhibition which hold in The National Art Center, Tokyo.


-Artwork "Xi Shan Qiu Se" was selected into Shenyang Daily Exhibition marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC. 

Activity & Collection 

-Artwork "Plunge Waterfall in Dell" was collected by United Front Work Department of the CPC Shenyang Committee.


-Artwork "Summer Day at Riverside" was sold for a high price in Liaoning Arts Auction.

-Become Director of The Society for Overseas Chinese Artists Culture.

-Become Vice president of Liaoning Bu Lao Song Painting Institute.
-Attended Chinese Charity Auction for 5.11 Sichuan earthquke.

-Some artworks were selected into Chinese Contemporary Artists Official Website.

-Some artworks were selected into Liaoning Arts Official Website.
-Interviewed by Liaoning TV and the documentary "Chinese Contemporary Artist Wang Shun" was broadcast.
-Invited by Inner Mongolia City Committee to attend National Culture Exposition.

-Invited by Jiangsu Salt City Government to attend National Environment Day Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.
-Artwork "Mountainside" was collected into Great China Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Collection.

eature article "Impression of Artist Wang Shun Part 1" was published on Chinese Modern Life magazine.

-Become vice president of Liaoning Cultural and Arts Exchange Association and Sheng Jing Painting Institute.
-Attended donation activity held by China Council of Lions Clubs.
-Artwork "Refreshing Breeze & Ancient Town" was selected into Liaoning National Games Collection.
-Created Large landscape painting "View of Mt. Xishan" for Dalian Zhonggong Group for celebrating new project
-Feature article "Impression of Artist Wang Shun Part 2" was published on Chinese Modern Life magazine.


-Led artists team to visit Inner Mongolia and attended local arts and culture exchange event. 
-"Chinese Calligrapher Wang Shun Album" published by Chinese Modern Life magazine.
-Artwork "Magnificent Mt.Xishan" was selected into Lao Nian Zhi You magazine.
-Some artworks were selected into Sheng Jing Arts Official Website.
-Some artworks were selected into San Jing Jiu Wei Arts Official Website.

-Was invited to attend 2015 Ai Ding Cup Award Ceremony.

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